Family Drinks Milk Containing Dead Mouse For 3 Days, Sues Walmart

I’ve never tasted milk that contained the corpse of a dead mouse, so I can’t say whether or not it would be noticeable, but a couple in Kentucky claim they drank three days’ worth of moused-up milk they’d purchased at Sam’s Club before ever noticing the rotting rodent inside. Now, as happens in these situations, they have filed a lawsuit.

The suit, which was filed earlier this week against Sam’s Club’s parent company Walmart, says the couple purchased the jug of milk at Sam’s and then, with the help of their 23-month-old granddaughter, spent the next three days drinking from it.

On the third day, the woman involved went to pour some milk and “discovered a dead mouse” in the jug.

The gallon of milk — along with the rodent — was taken to the Kentucky Department of Public Health where the couple filed a written complaint.

According to the suit, the family “suffered embarrassment, humiliation and emotional distress.”

The plaintiffs also claim that their granddaughter had blood in her stool after consuming the allegedly contaminated milk.

“This has been a traumatic experience for the Grants,” says their lawyer. “They were completely shocked.”

In addition to Walmart, the suit names Superior Dairy Inc., of Ohio, as a defendant. The family is seeking non-economic and punitive damages through a trial by jury.

Without having much to go on here, what’s your gut instinct on the plaintiffs’ allegations — scam or the real deal?

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