Chick-Fil-A Customer Claims Her Chicken Sandwich Had A Dead Mouse Baked Into The Bun

Although you might like a nice crunch in your chicken sandwich, one Chick-fil-A customer claims there was an unexpected texture baked into the bun of her sandwich: A dead mouse.

Crunchy lunch

A woman who filed a lawsuit in a county court against a Langhorne, PA, Chick-fil-A location says she was taking a bite of a Chick-fil-A sandwich last November during her lunch break at work when she “felt something funny on the bottom of the bun,” reports

She turned it over, and told her coworker that it seemed the restaurant had burned her roll.

Her colleague tells that the woman then threw the sandwich on the ground, at which point, she realized “it was a small rodent of some sort.”

“I could see the whiskers and the tail,” the coworker said.

As for the customer, she says “[I] basically lost my mind. I screamed.”

After going outside to get some air, she says she came back to take photos of the object, and then called the franchise’s owner — who, she claims, said, “Oh no, this can’t be good.”

She says she followed that call up by emailing him photos and the receipt, and then went to the hospital where she received intravenous medication for nausea. She continued to feel sick for a week afterward, and received prescriptions for anti-nausea medication as well as anxiety from her doctor.

Suing mad

The plaintiff’s lawyer says he filed the lawsuit because the franchise owner and the store have “stonewalled” any efforts to address the situation. He claims that laboratory analysis shows the object was a small “rat/mouse” that was apparently baked into the bottom of the bum.

The lawsuit claims the restaurant was negligent, and “failed to supervise employees who intentionally and/or knowingly served a sandwich to a customer with a dead rodent baked into the bun,” while also allegedly failing to have inspection procedures in place to keep this sort of thing from happening.

The customer is seeking more than $50,000 for physical and psychological injuries she claims she’s experienced since the alleged incident.

Both Chick-fil-A corporate and the franchise owner declined to comment on the lawsuit.

A familiar tail tale

While these claims are pretty gross, we’re not entirely surprised, as we’ve seen plenty of dead-rodent-in-food claims over the years.

• After a South Dakota man claimed he drank from a can of Coca-Cola that had a mouse sealed inside, Coke claimed it couldn’t be possible, as any mouse entombed in a can of soda would have been more decomposed than what he says he found.

• NYC health officials investigated a report of a fried rat head served at Popeyes in 2016.

• Across the pond, someone found a dead baby weasel in her salad. She was not pleased.

• A Subway customer once claimed to have received a free dead rat with his spinach-filled sandwich.

• In 2015, a bag of fresh spinach allegedly contained — a free dead mouse.

• A McDonald’s customer claimed in 2014 that he’d received a mouse in his coffee.

• A woman eating Kellogg’s crunchy nut cereal claimed there was an added crunch in her food by way of a dead rodent in 2014.

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