No, Pumpkin Spice Condoms Are Not A Real Thing

Here at Consumerist HQ, we were both intrigued and horrified when a plausible-looking mockup of a pumpkin spice flavored condom spent the weekend circulating around the Internet. If pumpkin spice gum and bacon condoms can exist, why not? Alas, the wrapper circulating online isn’t real, even though some people kind of want it to be.

pumpkin spice condom

The image doesn’t look very authentic, but a pumpkin spice condom is just plausible enough that people kept sharing the image. At first, Durex kept speculation alive by not commenting on the matter. Pumpkin spice is hot in the United States, sure, but could the mania support a limited-time holiday-themed prophylactic? Durex does have a selection of fruit-flavored condoms, but no holiday-themed offerings. Should they?

The company cleared things up this afternoon with a tweet:

They’ve THOUGHT about it? Well, that at least puts pumpkin spice condoms closer to existing than fried chicken Oreos.

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