Candy Apple-Flavored M&Ms Exist For Some Reason

14900550232_1e429ec0e7_zA candy apple covered with M&Ms is a real thing that exists. However, that is not what you get when you buy a bag of candy apple flavored M&Ms at your local Walmart. Yes, M&M/Mars is using their fancy new factory to create more variations on the candy. Why?

Here at Consumerist HQ, we eat a lot less junk and snack food than you might think while reading our site. Normally we’re at least a tiny bit curious about novelty candy flavors, but this one doesn’t pique our interest. What would candy apple flavoring taste like, after all? Caramel, caramel, and caramel with a dash of caramel?

From vaguely cinnamon-ish pumpkin spice M&Ms and vaguely ginger-ish gingerbread M&Ms to incredibly boring birthday cake and Vanilla Shake M&Ms

Yes, various candy apple vendors will sell you an M&M candy apple, but will any of them ever make one out of candy apple M&Ms? We’re confused, and a little bit hungry.

SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Candy Apple Milk Chocolate M&M’s [The Impulsive Buy]

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