Pumpkin Spice M&Ms Exist, Mostly Taste Like Chocolate



Ten years ago, Starbucks introduced the Pumpkin Spice Latte, starting a trend and sending the nation into a frenzy of unbridled pumpkin lust. Pumpkin beer? Pumpkin spice Pringles? It seems like everything has been pumpkin-ified. Everything except hard-shelled chocolate candies. Until now. Pumpkin spice M&Ms have arrived.

Like many of the specialty-horrifying items, they’re exclusive to only one retailer. Fortunately, they’re a big-box retailer that you can find in just about any suburban wasteland: Target.

We haven’t made it to Target to perform our own taste-testing yet, but other culinary adventurers have. The intrepid snack reviewers over at The Impulsive Buy tried them, and were disappointed. Not because the product exists, or because the base isn’t white chocolate, but because most of the spices in the pumpkin spice bouquet seemed to be missing.

As I crunched down on a single candy, all I initially tasted was chocolate. True, it’s better than tasting raw pumpkin, but I was expected something a little more scrumptious. Then, almost as an aftertaste, a hint of cinnamon emerged.

Here’s the thing though; it’s not that traditional vanilla and cinnamon warmth that one usually associates with pumpkin. Instead, it’s kind of a wimpy version of Cinnamon Red Hots. Cool and vaguely spicy, it’s more of a sensation than a flavor, and it’s not something that goes with the milk chocolate flavor.

Well, boo. Maybe this Adam fellow doesn’t have a very refined palate. What does the Junk Food Guy have to say?

The M&M’s, unless you’re REALLY THINKING ABOUT IT, basically taste like regular M&M’s. Unlike the Candy Corn M&M’s or say Peanut Butter M&M’s, these candies rely on subtlety…and that subtlety is WAY too subtle.

I guess there’s some good news here, then: I don’t have to leave the house today if I don’t need to go to Target. I’ll just pop an M&M and a Red Hot and have a superior experience.

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