Christmas Is Coming, In The Form Of Gingerbread-Flavored Stuff

gingerbreadYou can tell when fall is at hand, because items with pumpkin spice flavoring begin to fill store shelves. While retail has many other more obvious symbols of impending Christmas, one fits the theme of sweets flavored to taste like other things: gingerbread. No, not gingerbread cookies. Other things that are flavored to taste like gingerbread. 

As we learned with gingerbread Oreos, of course, there’s a difference between gingerbread cookies and another type of cookie that’s gingerbread-flavored. A reader of the Impulsive Buy spotted two new gingerbread-flavored items at Walmart. The new entries to the Gingerbread House of Horror? Gingerbread M&Ms and gingerbread mini Twix candy bars. Last year’s gingerbread Oreos did not impress reviewers, when by “reviewers” we mean “people who write about snack food on the Internet.

We haven’t been able to test either candy yet and haven’t seen any reviews online, but if gingerbread M&Ms follow the example of pumpkin spice M&Ms, they’ll be disappointing. the Twix, at least, have potential, having a cookie base inside the candy bar. If it were a real gingerbread cookie, that would be delicious, but the bag promises “artificial flavors.”

SPOTTED ON SHELVES – Gingerbread M&M’s and Gingerbread Twix [The Impulsive Buy]

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