McDonald’s Testing Guaranteed 60-Second Drive-Thru Lunch Service (Sort Of)

Surveys show that the average service time at a McDonald’s drive-thru is longer than three minutes, but some McDonald’s in Florida believe they can cut a chunk of time off of that time — or your next meal is free.

According to the Miami Herald, certain South Florida McDonald’s (it doesn’t list which ones) are guaranteeing that weekday lunch-hour (noon to 1 p.m.) customers will get their order within a minute after paying.

Customers get a timer when they pay at the first window and then trade in that timer at the next window where they get their food. If it’s been longer than 60 seconds, their next meal is free.

However, it’s important to note that the only guarantee is that it will only take 60 seconds between paying and picking up your food. You could still see a substantial wait in line before you pay.

The three-minute average service time for McDonald’s is from QSR Magazine’s annual survey of the fast food drive-thru experience. QSR measures service time as “the time from when the vehicle stops at the order station to when the entire order is received, including change.” So that is going to be slightly longer than the time frame being measured at the Florida McDonald’s.

And like other guarantees where the refund is store credit instead of cash, the hope is that the customer will return and spend more money in addition to the credit.

If anyone in South Florida wants to try the guarantee, it’s apparently going on through Aug. 29.


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