Lands’ End Announces Science-Themed Shirts For Girls Because Boys Aren’t The Only Ones Who Like Science

Girls can now choose from decorative stars or a more realistic solar system, just like the boys.

Girls can now choose from decorative stars or a more realistic solar system, just like the boys.

Somehow there are still retailers out there who are late to get the message: Yes, some boys like science. But so do some little girls, and the fact that Lands’ End had science-themed shirts featuring “realistic images of planets and our solar system,” while its T-shirts for girls only had unrealistic stars and dogs in tutus was very disappointing to the mother of one girl who happens to be bonkers about all things space. She wrote a letter telling Land’s End so, prompting the retailer to announce that it’s adding new sciencey shirts for girls as well.

A few weeks ago, the mom posted an open letter to Lands’ End on Facebook (via HuffPo), writing that her nine-year-old daughter loves science and wants to be an astronaut someday. So she was excited when she saw the Lands’ End catalog with science-themed tees for boys, including “a ‘NASA Crew’ tee design that she immediately declared to be ‘the coolest shirt ever.’ ”

But then when they flipped to the girls’ section to find her size, “instead of science-themed art, we were treated to sparkly tees with rhinestones, non-realistic looking stars, and a design featuring a dog dressed like a princess and wearing a tutu.”

She says her daughter was very confused, because she and many of her friends love science.

“In 2014, why are you selling ‘mighty’ tees for boys and ‘adorable’ tees for girls?” the mom asked, citing Lands’ End’s descriptions.

The retailer has now responded with a line of shirts pretty close to the science-themed boys’ shirts (though it still has dogs in tutus because of course there are plenty of girls who love a good dog/tutu combo).

“You asked, we listened — take a look at our brand-new girls’ science tees,” Lands’ End announced Wednesday on its Facebook page. “Our first two tees are live on the site — pre-order now to reserve her size (due to the quick turnaround, the shirts will ship in August). Based on your response to the tees, we will continue to add new styles moving forward.”

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