Snack Foods Transformed Into Art At “Cheese Curls Of Instagram”

Can a picture of two cheese curls be pornographic? It sounds impossible, but the site Cheese Curls of Instagram has elevated what should be random, orange-coated lumps of snack food to fascinating sculptures just by propping them up in front of a blank background and giving us needlessly detailed captions.

After all, a former Consumerist staffer found four pieces of religious iconography in a single bag of Cheetos. By that standard, people worldwide must be mindlessly gobbling what could be millions of beautiful sculptures every year. Don’t believe us? Just peruse the Cheese Curls of Instagram gallery.


See it? If not, read the title and look again. “After Urinating on their Subordinates to Assert Dominance, these Two Monkeys Give Each Other a High Five.”

Some of the sculptures are suitable for a science museum, like this one:


Look like nonsense? No, read the title:

By Means of Natural Selection, Life has Flourished in the Evolutionary History of Primates and the Emergence of Homo Sapiens as a Distinct Species of Hominids

We won’t even embed this next photo, since it will become Not Safe For Work as soon as you read the caption:

In an Adult Film, Peter North Takes his Role as a French Professor Seriously by Wearing a Beret While Performing in a Scene with a “Failing Female Student Earning Extra Credit”, and after he Finishes, he Points to the Director Because he Knows he Nailed it

You’ll just have to click through and enjoy the filth over on Instagram.

Unfortunately, you’ll have to find a market for these sculptures yourself, or start your own Instagram account. Frito-Lay doesn’t have a buyback program. They probably don’t even have a Cheeto art museum.

cheesecurlsofinstagram [Instagram, where else?] (via Foodbeast)

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