Just Because This Cute House Robot Is Limbless Doesn’t Mean We’re Safe From The A.I. Revolution

Watch those fingers, girl.

Watch those fingers, girl. (YouTube)

I’ll be the first to admit that I always wanted Rosie from the Jetsons to be my best friend and confidante — so sassy, and she brings snacks! — but that doesn’t mean I’m afraid we’re living on the cusp of the robot revolution that will eventually mean the end of all humans. So yes, this robot for the home seems innocent enough, with its lack of limbs to run you down and grab you, but still…

A new social robot designed to hang out at your house and help with anything from reading books to kids to alerting you to calendar reminders called Jibo is available for preorders at a price of $499, reports Business Insider, and I can’t decide if I’m more terrified of the bigger implications for our race or the fact that it will actually face whoever’s talking like an immobile EVE from Wall-E.

The embedded cameras in its head can “see” what’s around it, and the swiveling body is made of three pieces that move according to who’s talking to it. He even “intelligently tracks the action around him.” Sounds sneaky, even if it does take nice photos.

Because it can’t actually go anywhere without you picking it up — meaning it can’t creep into your room at night and analyze your soul — that keeps its price point low, says MIT roboticist and creator Dr. Cynthia Breazal.

So it can’t walk or hug (when it eventually learns emotions), but make no mistake, we’re still on robot road. Today Jibo, tomorrow, our unfeeling overlords with a serious superiority complex.

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