LG Introduces House Arrest Wristbands For Small Children



We adults enjoy quantifying our every move with wearable technology like pedometer wristbands and other fitness-tracking gadgets, so why leave our kids out of the fun? Yesterday, LG announced that they’re introducing a wristband for kids that’s a hybrid of a tracking anklet used by the criminal justice system and your child’s first cell phone.

It’s not a bad idea, exactly: there are just two problems with the device. It’s bulky and just a little creepy. The GPS-tracking aspect isn’t the creepy part. A tracking device on your child can mean giving them a little more freedom, knowing that they can be easily found within the device’s Android app.

No, the creepy aspect is in the device’s phone functions. You can call up your kid and talk through the device, which is great. The device’s button can also call one pre-programmed number, which is also very useful. The part that isn’t so great is that if your kid doesn’t pick up a call within ten seconds, the device will simply connect the call and allow you to hear whatever your child is doing or saying at the time.

The Kizon hits the market today in South Korea, and will be available in North America and Europe sometime this fall.

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