Bare Feet Will Remain Unshod If You’re Relying On This Ohio Target Store

Consumerist reader Mark has a problem: He needs some summer shoes. Simple, right? But while he was hoping to buy a pair at his local Target in Columbus, Ohio, alas, he has been greeted by a sad scene not once, but twice recently.

As he faced the desolate wasteland that is the men’s summer shoe aisle, Mark snapped a pic to forever mark the deafening silence no doubt caused by such an absence of shoes.

Behold, your shoeless future, Target shoppers.

Behold, your shoeless future, Target shoppers.

“This was my second trip to a Target in Columbus, Ohio to scoop up a pair of summer shoes,” he writes. “Shelf was just as sparsely stocked the first time, too… shoot!”

Poor Mark. Your feet will probably just have to be bare forever. Or until you go somewhere else/Target decides to stock up.

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  1. SpeakBob says:

    While the Target local to me has a few more men’s shoes than the one pictured, it does not typically have any in my size. I’ve always wondered if the Target Shoe Buyer is anti male or something since the women and girls shoe isles (4-5 rows) are always full, but the boys & men are in a single isle (boys on one side men on the other) and mostly empty.