Apple Sneaks Into Your Bed With Purchase Of Sleep-Tracking Firm Beddit

Apple wants to get in your bed — but just to track how you sleep: The tech giant acquired Beddit, a Finnish manufacturer of sleep-tracking devices.

Beddit confirmed the acquisition this week in an update to the privacy policy page of its website.

“Beddit has been acquired by Apple,” the company states, while then noting that customers’ personal data would now be collected, used, and disclosed in accordance with the Apple Privacy Policy.

For its part, Apple does not mention the deal — for which terms are unavailable — on its website. We’ve reached out to Apple for comment on the acquisition.

Beddit manufactures a $150 sleep-tracking monitor that collects information on customers’ heart rate, breathing, and sleep time.

“Unlike activity trackers, Beddit is completely ambient so there’s no need to wear or charge it. The thin, flexible, and soft sensor is unnoticeable when placed under the sheet on top of the mattress,” the device’s product page on Apple notes.

Collected data is then transferred to the Beddit app, which analyzes the data, providing users with information on how to “achieve better sleep.”

It’s unclear how Apple plans to use Beddit’s sleep-tracking technology, however, CNBC suggests the tracking could be incorporated into the Apple Watch.

[via Reuters]

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