Amazon Tosses Jumble Of Household Staples In Massive Box, Hopes For The Best

“Is that $120 in formula tossed in willy-billy with a bag of dog food?,” writes reader Cheryl. “Yes, yes it is.” Of course it is. We get that Amazon has a lot of boxes to ship on a daily basis, but she did sort of expect her giant order of household staples like kibble and granola bars to arrive not arrive loose in a large box, crushing some items.

If Amazon wants us to go along with this whole Prime Pantry thing, they need to sent out fewer boxes like these.


“Amazon shipping has, to quote my husband, ‘lost their shit’,” Cheryl wrote to us. Her shipment contained 18 rolls of paper towels, four cans of baby formula, a 14-pound bag of dog food, and a box of granola bars.


The good news is that the granola bar box was mangled, but the other items were fine, including those cans of formula. Surely Amazon would have replaced those cans if they were damaged in any way, but maybe–just maybe–they should be shipping the items so that they arrive safely in the first place.

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