Raiders Of The Lost Walmart Can Holster Your 7-Year-Old Phones

The Raiders of the Lost Walmart are a brave band of explorers who scour the American retailscape for items that are obsolete or just plain old. They still have some use, but the more important question isn’t “who would buy this?” It’s “why is this still on a retail shelf?”

nikon “Great for 2006ish when this camera came out,” notes Knah. There might be many 8-year-old digital cameras floating around snapping pictures, and many of them could still be in use. The question is, what are the odds that any of their owners will wander into this particular Walmart?


This Nokia case is for the 3500, not the famously indestructible 3390. “I don’t know why you’d put a case on a Nokia unless you were protecting everything else from the phone,” observes explorer Knah. The answer is obvious: to add a clip. Otherwise, phones from that era need no protecting.


If you own the hot mid-’00s at-home trivia game and need fresh cartridges full of dated trivia for them, apparently Walmart is your place.

Finally, a listener of NPR’s Planet Money took part in that show’s mission to find an actual thing for sale in the United States that costs one penny. The listener claims that the price tag on this Blackberry holster case was $.01, but we would believe it more if there were proof. Say, the price tag.

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