Raiders Of The Lost Walmart Uncover Ancient, Indestructible Nokia Phone

Don't miss this deal.

Don’t miss this deal.

Do you ever get nostalgic for old technology, missing your Nokia dumbphone from 2001 or your Sony Mavica camera that saved photos to 3.5-inch floppy disks? Thanks to hidden caches of treasure in Walmart’s vast warehouses, you don’t have to. Wally World puts these items, brand-new and shrinkwrapped, on the shelves at comically high prices. Brave Consumerist readers seek out these rare finds and send their discoveries to us. We call these brave souls the Raiders of the Lost Walmart.

If you owned a cell phone back around 2001, the odds are pretty good that it was one of these. If you missed out–well, here’s your opportunity. Fearless Raider Marco found this phone on the shelf at Walmart.

The Nokia 3390 is the North American version of the 3310, and debuted in 2000. If you look it up on eBay, you’ll find it labeled “retro.” If it’s known for anything today, it’s for being a lot less delicate than the fancy-pants smartphones that most users prefer today.

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