Raiders Of The Lost Walmart Find Another MP3 Player Case That No One Will Buy

Walmart has almost got this thing with clearing out their old electronics figured out. They found an old item somewhere in the bowels of the store, which was great. They marked it down from $19.88 to $3, which is more reasonable than most of their electronics markdowns. Unfortunately, they may have overestimated the market out there for silicone cases for MP3 players from 2007 or 2008.


The Raiders of the Lost Walmart are the team of brave retail explorers who comb the world’s big-box stores for rare and glorious retail antiquities. Usually, these are really old electronics that someone has put on the clearance counter at Walmart. That’s where Raider Knah found this Walkman case.

No, not the cassette Walkman, which might at least have some collectible value: the case fit a 2007-2008 MP3, photo, and video version of the Walkman. CNET liked the newer generation of the device in April 2008, but the important question is whether there is anyone out there who liked theirs enough that they’re still using it, if it still works? Do they need a case for it? Are they willing to pay $3 for that case?

The answers to those questions are very unlikely to align at three “yeses,” and that’s why Walmart has almost got this electronics discounting thing down. Only not quite.