Man Arrested At German Airport Because You Can’t Travel With 94 Reptiles In A Suitcase

(Zollfahndungsamt Frankfurt/Frankfurt customs)

(Zollfahndungsamt Frankfurt/Frankfurt customs)

Traveling with a pet is one thing — but when you manage to pack 94 reptiles into a suitcase and fly with them from Mexico to Europe, officials are not going to be pleased. Authorities in Germany say a traveler recently tried to go through the airport with quite a stash of turtles, vipers and other lizards he definitely should not have had in his luggage.

Some of the reptiles found in the man’s suitcase included endangered species, reports the Associated Press.

He was flying from Mexico City to Barcelona when his bag was X-rayed in Frankfurt, where he was changing planes. Upon opening the bag, customs officials found 55 turtles, 30 arboreal alligator lizards, four horned vipers and a five-keeled spiny-tailed iguana.

One of the animals is believed to be worth about $82,000 had already died. So pour one out for that little reptile buddy, no one wants to shuffle off this mortal coil stuck in a crowded suitcase.

Authorities are now investigating the man on suspicion of violating the international Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species and Germany’s animal protection laws.

Man arrested at German airport with suitcase full of animals [Associated Press]

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