Woman’s Lawyer Explains Why Dead Husband’s Entrails Were In Her Checked Baggage

Image courtesy of TheeErin

Of all the things one might expect customs officials to find in a traveler’s luggage, preserved intestines might not be your everyday occurrence. That’s why airport workers in Graz, Austria wanted to check in with the police when they found the entrails of a woman’s dead husband in her checked baggage.

A Moroccan woman took a piece of her late spouse’s intestine on a flight to their home in Austria, because she suspected he’d been poisoned at a meal the couple ate while visiting his relatives, her lawyer said, according to local paper Kleine Zeitung (via The New York Times).

The lawyer said her client acted on the advice of a doctor in Marrakesh who also thought the man might’ve been poisoned. He removed the intestine and helped her pack it up with formaldehyde in thick plastic containers.

“I would imagine that it was done by a pathologist,” said the head of the pathology institute in Graz, Austria, where the entrails are being examined. “It was absolutely secure, triple wrapped, according to European Union norms.”

A spokesman for the Austrian Finance Ministry, which oversees the country’s customs operations, confirmed that the intestine was discovered by customs officials earlier this month during a standard random bag check upon the woman’s arrival in Graz. Police said officials turned to them first for guidance, but it’s been determined that the woman had violated no Austrian laws by bringing the sample into the country.

Woman Who Took Husband’s Intestine on Flight Wanted It Tested, Lawyer Says [The New York Times]

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