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Woman’s Lawyer Explains Why Dead Husband’s Entrails Were In Her Checked Baggage

Of all the things one might expect customs officials to find in a traveler’s luggage, preserved intestines might not be your everyday occurrence. That’s why airport workers in Graz, Austria wanted to check in with the police when they found the entrails of a woman’s dead husband in her checked baggage. [More]

(Zollfahndungsamt Frankfurt/Frankfurt customs)

Man Arrested At German Airport Because You Can’t Travel With 94 Reptiles In A Suitcase

Traveling with a pet is one thing — but when you manage to pack 94 reptiles into a suitcase and fly with them from Mexico to Europe, officials are not going to be pleased. Authorities in Germany say a traveler recently tried to go through the airport with quite a stash of turtles, vipers and other lizards he definitely should not have had in his luggage. [More]