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Man Arrested At German Airport Because You Can’t Travel With 94 Reptiles In A Suitcase

Traveling with a pet is one thing — but when you manage to pack 94 reptiles into a suitcase and fly with them from Mexico to Europe, officials are not going to be pleased. Authorities in Germany say a traveler recently tried to go through the airport with quite a stash of turtles, vipers and other lizards he definitely should not have had in his luggage. [More]

Buy Your Giant Snakes While They're Still Affordable

Buy Your Giant Snakes While They're Still Affordable

Wired reports that the government is considering a ban on the import of Burmese pythons and eight other “injurious species” of snake, because loser pet owners in Florida keep releasing them into the wild where they breed and take over. If enacted, the ban would only affect imports, not sales by breeders in the US, but prices will probably shoot up. [More]