7 Items You’ll Find The Best Prices On During May

Our price-tracking colleagues down the hall at Consumer Reports keep track of when the best discounts appear on a variety of items. As we get ready to flip over the calendar page to celebrate May, what will you be able to find the best deals on in the coming month?

Athletic clothing and shoes
If you’re in the market for new sneakers, this might be the month to buy them.

Camping and outdoor gear
This makes sense: in much of the country, the weather is finally tolerable to spend time outside, so companies are competing for our tent money.

…there must be a good reason for this price drop, but we’re not sure what it could be.

Cordless phones
If you’re switching to a cordless phone system for your landline, look for one that has a battery backup so the line remains usable when the power is out.

Lawn mowers and tractors
Your grass might be just waking up again, and it’s time to shop for a mower if you’re looking to buy a new one or replace the one you have. Deals abound, and remember that the best mowers aren’t always the ones with the highest list price.

Try mattresses out in person before buying, which means you have to go to a retail store. Keep in mind that the most expensive models are at the front, waiting to draw your attention.

Small electronics
Pocket-sized gadgets like MP3 players and devices that you plug into your TV will most likely be on sale during May.

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