Amazon’s Prime Day Not Off To A Thrilling Start

Amazon’s Prime Day was supposed to be a celebration of the company’s 20th birthday as well as a shopping frenzy festival to rival Black Friday. After more than a week of hype, customers are finding the deals underwhelming. When one reader did find something he actually wanted, he was unable to get the limited-duration “Lightning deal” into his cart.


The “lightning deals” that are supposed to provide the best discounts have limited durations and quantities: when time is up or the item runs out, whichever happens first, you’re out of luck. Reader Ben reports that when he tried to buy this case for his Galaxy Note, all that happens is the yellow circle whirls around and around, and he can’t put the item in his cart.

“The spinning circle that says checking deal goes for about 5 minutes, then tells me to add to cart, which it won’t let me do!” he writes. Amazon has been less than helpful telling me to try again later. What is the point of a lighting/flash sale if you can’t buy an item that shows to be available?”

To draw people to the site to…not be able to put anything in their carts?

Other shoppers have sort of the opposite problem: they’re disappointed in the selection of merchandise. A significant discount is great, but customers were expecting discounts on things other than random household crap.

Of course, isn’t the ability to order random household crap to be delivered to your doorstep the entire point of having Amazon Prime?

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