How To Wake Up To The Sounds And Smell Of Bacon Without Entering The Kitchen

baconBacon is taking over the world. And just to prove bacon’s true power Oscar Mayer invented a way for devout bacon lovers to wake up to the rich aroma and sizzling sound of the breakfast staple without actually, you know, cooking it.

The company recently announced the Wake Up and Smell the Bacon app and iPhone dongle that effectively takes over your iPhone’s alarm, Mashable reports.

The smelly alarm joins the ranks of other creative bacon inventions including bacon-flavored Pringles, romantic chocolate-dipped bacon roses and for the truly passionate a weeklong bacon-themed festival..but your bacon-y fresh breath remains a pork-based pipe dream.

So how does this mind-blowing, morning-revolutionizing device work? Easily, it seems.

The dongle plugs into the iPhone’s headphone jack and, when paired with the app, releases the small of bacon as the alarm sounds. And the dongle is refillable, so you don’t have to worry about running out of your favorite scent.

The alarm sound isn’t a tortured, high-pitched horn that scares you out of bed. It’s a soothing voice reciting the true meaning of bacon.

“Experience bacon with all your sense. Like the deepest root, like the stormiest ocean, it’s briny cure endures. Bacon exceeds everything you ever imagined.”

Mashable testers noted the overtly smoky smell of the bacon, but seemed to enjoy the experience nonetheless.

“When the alarm sounded it did release a series of bacon sounds and smells — though the scent was admittedly more jerky than bacon,” the Mashable testers noted.

Unfortunately, Oscar Mayer is only making a limited number of devices and they won’t be for sale. However, fans can apply for a chance to win a dongle by taking a quiz on Oscar Mayer’s website. The contest ends April 4.

The new alarm comes from the innovative minds at the Oscar Mayer Institute for the Advancement of Bacon. The institute brings together the world’s greatest bacon minds to unlock the “bacon’s deepest mysteries for the benefit of bacon lovers everywhere”.

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