People Doing All Sorts Of Things With Bacon At Casino’s Weeklong Festival

What do you do if you’re an Atlantic City casino and want the crowds to come running through your doors, drool bubbling and eyes frantically searching? Why, just use that old familiar siren — bacon. Because people just love eating it, smelling it, rolling around in it and whatever else you can do with the stuff.

The Tropicana Casino and Resort has a full on bacon hoopla going on with its Bacon Week festival, reports the Associated Press, with all the bells and whistles (mmm, a bacon whistle):

Bacon milkshakes. Chocolate-covered bacon shaped like roses. Bacon-flavored toothpaste, dental floss and lip balm. Bacon bourbon, margaritas, beer and vodka. Bacon ice cream sundaes. A BLT sandwich with a full pound of bacon.

What, no bacon trampoline? A bacon gingerbread house? A bacon genie that grants you three wishes before disappearing back into his smoker for all eternity or until someone else conjures him? Pfft. Amateurs.

Despite the potential risk to a person’s cardiovascular health, bacon is a popular bit of meat — Americans chow down on about 1.5 billion pounds of bacon every year, the National Pork Board boasts.

And the fans have spoken.

“Bacon is like heaven,” said one Bacon Week attendee. “If you’re going to die, die with bacon on your lips and a BLT in each hand.”

“I love me some bacon!” another guy tells the AP. “I don’t even know what this is, but it’s got bacon in it. And it’s good!”

Of course, there are going to be skeptics, even among the non-vegetarians among us.

“There are people that are just crazy for bacon,” said another festival goer. “But bacon toothpaste or floss? I’m not that crazy.”

Full disclosure: I love bacon, but when it comes to personal hygiene products… well let’s just say I’ve got a container of bacon-flavored shaving cream collecting dust in my apartment that I bought on a whim and it smells like a bacon diaper. A full one.

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