Town Really Wants Kevin Bacon To Attend Bacon Festival, Because Of Course It Does

Image courtesy of WCAX-TV

If you’re a celebrity whose last name happens to be the word for a delicious, crispy pork product, it goes without saying that people are going to want you to attend any celebrations dedicated to that food. Just ask Kevin Bacon.

The actor has received what is likely to be his nine kajillionth invitation to a bacon festival, with the town of Brattleboro, VT fiercely lobbying to get Bacon to attend its third annual Baconfest.

“Who better to come to Baconfest than Kevin Bacon?” Kate O’Connor, Brattleboro Chamber of Commerce executive director, said while speaking with WCAX-TV. As for the town’s chances of actually landing the movie star?

“Pretty much zero,” she admits, “but we thought it’s worth a try, and it’s sort of kooky enough that perhaps there’s a chance.”

To convince Bacon that attending this particular bacon festival is a fantastic idea, residents have been carrying a life-sized cutout of the Footloose star around town, hanging out with notables like Miss Teen Vermont, and posting photos of Flat Bacon on social media.

“He’s been driving a truck, making cheese, running the checkout down at the Brattleboro food co-op,” said O’Connor.

While it’s anyone’s guess if Bacon will show up this year, attendees can take some solace in the fact that at least one famous face will be there regardless: Flat Bacon.

If this year’s Baconfest is Baconless, the town will not give up hope. Not EVER.

“Oh yeah, if he doesn’t come to this one, he’s going to hear from us every year until he does show up,” said O’Connor.

Brattleboro hopes to bring home the Bacon [WCAX-TV]

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