Girl Scout Troop Challenges Pot Dispensary In The Name Of Charity

Image courtesy of Chris Rief aka Spodie Odie

Remember a few years ago when Girl Scouts in San Francisco made headlines for the obviously brilliant move of selling cookies in front of a marijuana dispensary? They’re still allies, and this year, the girls threw down the gauntlet in a charity duel.

The troop challenged the dispensary to convince as many customers as it could to donate to a kindergarten-to-college charity program, CBS San Francisco reports.

The loser would have to bake cookies for the winners — and wouldn’t you know it, the Girl Scouts won.

The dispensary says it’s also a winner — at least with regard to its efforts to improve the public image of the retail marijuana industry.

“It’s a strong demonstration that dispensaries are safe places, that they’re not a threat to neighbors, to neighborhoods, to children,” said a spokesman for the dispensary.

And lest anyone is worried, the shop says no extra ingredients will be added to the cookies.

“Obviously, they will be kid-friendly cookies,” the spokesman noted.

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