Police Catch Phone Thieves Who Robbed Girl Scouts Selling Cookies

girl_sproutsWhat kind of monster robs Girl Scouts selling cookies out in front of a grocery store? Teenage boys, apparently. Police in Florida have made an arrest in the theft of a smartphone (a Samsung Galaxy S3, if you keep track of these things) from the sales table. The suspect is a 15-year-old boy.

Police were also looking for his companion, but he has not been arrested.

Unlike the Great 2013 Girl Scout Cookie Crime Wave, only the phone was taken in this theft. The suspect left the cookies and cash undisturbed. He’s being charged with grand felony theft because the stolen item was a pricey smartphone.

“We see this as your victimizing these children that are here trying to, you know, better themselves and the community and you’re going to take something from them,” a police spokeswoman told the media.

Always be alert when you’re out selling things to the public, especially if you’re in charge of cash, merchandise, and your personal electronics.

Hungry for Girl Scout Cookies? The online Cookie Locator shows you where you can find them in your area. There’s also a mobile app.

Arrest Made In Girl Scout Phone Theft [CBS Miami] (Thanks, Jerry!)

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