Senator Desperately Trying To Get Yogurt To Our Brave, Yogurtless Olympic Athletes

Won't someone consider the poor, yogurtless Olympians?

Won’t someone consider the poor, yogurtless Olympians?

It’s not only the media in Sochi that are finding Russian reality a harsh one ahead of the Winter Olympics. Imagine you’re a world-class athlete, with a lean machine of a body that is finely tuned to the highest degree of athleticism. What that body wants, it gets. Unless it’s Greek yogurt.

Senator Chuck Schumer is desperately trying to make sure that American athletes aren’t denied their constitutional (or not) right to yogurt, calling on the Russian government to pretty please let a shipment of Chobani Greek yogurt to be delivered to Sochi. It’s meant for the mouths of our Olympic athletes as well as NBC Studios employees, reports the Associated Press.

The New York senator said yesterday that there’s a shipment of the stuff that’s being held up at Newark Liberty International Airport because of “unattainable” Russian Customs certifications.

Apparently the U.S. Department of Agriculture has also asked Russia to approve its USDA safety certificate for the yogurt, but according to Schumer, Russia is still refusing to accept the yogurt.

Perhaps it’s because this yogurt is only for U.S. citizens — Chobani is one of the official sponsors of our team, so maybe the thinking here is that if our athletes are denied the substance, our team will shrivel up, waste away and otherwise falter on the field of competition.

Hang in there, you guys. We can get through this.

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