AT&T No Longer Paying For T-Mobile Customers To Switch Providers

atttmobileAARemember way back in January, when AT&T announced it would pay T-Mobile customers up to $450 to switch wireless carriers? Well, we hope those people who were interested in making that change weren’t taking too long to mull it over, as AT&T quietly pulled the plug on the promotion after only a few weeks.

While AT&T made a very big deal about the offer back in January, it axed the offer at the end of January with no fanfare whatsoever, with many folks just realizing now that the $450 offer is dead.

A rep for the Death Star explains to’s Digits blog that the deal was a limited-time offer, though no timeline for its expiration had been given when the deal was made public.

Of course, impish T-Mobile CEO John Legere, who mocked AT&T’s decision to “leave the dark side, step into the light” only two days before AT&T apparently decided it wanted to go back to being evil, had this to say about the issue on Twitter:

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