Thieves Scuttle Off With $2,000 Worth Of Lobster From Safeway

Criminals continue to carry off the world’s tastiest, most comforting foods from grocery stores and distribution centers. The theft of eight boxes of frozen lobsters from a Safeway in Maryland is one of the smallest larcenies in the Global Comfort Food Crime Wave, but still adds up to thousands of dollars’ worth of seafood.

No, the suspects didn’t cram the crustaceans down their pants: this was a high-volume operation. Police say that one of the men loaded boxes of lobster in a cart, and the other came to fetch the cart and pushed it out the door.

The pair are also suspected of similar frozen seafood thefts from three other stores in Maryland. Police didn’t say how much the seafood taken in those thefts was worth.

Remember: if someone offers you seafood that “fell off a truck,” stay away. Actually, you shouldn’t be buying seafood from unfamiliar trucks in the first place.

Pair wanted for stealing seafood from grocery stores [ABC]

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