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Comfort Food Crime Wave Hits Truckload Of Cognac In Baltimore

Comfort Food Crime Wave Hits Truckload Of Cognac In Baltimore

The global crime wave against tasty comfort foods continues unabated. It all began with maple syrup in Québec and Maine to Nutella in Germany, soup in Florida, hamburgers in New Jersey, and candy in Illinois. Now an entire truckload of a different kind of comforting food has been stolen: a cargo container with about $500,000 worth of Hennessy cognac. [More]

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Thieves Scuttle Off With $2,000 Worth Of Lobster From Safeway

Criminals continue to carry off the world’s tastiest, most comforting foods from grocery stores and distribution centers. The theft of eight boxes of frozen lobsters from a Safeway in Maryland is one of the smallest larcenies in the Global Comfort Food Crime Wave, but still adds up to thousands of dollars’ worth of seafood. [More]


Comfort Food Crime Wave Is Back: $362,000 Worth Of Candy Disappears

In spring of last year, comforting, tasty foods began to disappear by the truckload. Soup, hamburgers, Nutella: all stolen. Consumerist developed a theory. What if these crimes were the work of a syndicate of well-traveled, resourceful, and extremely hungry thieves? After laying dormant for most of 2013, the Comfort Food Criminals are back. [More]

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Comfort Food Crime Wave: Thief Tows Away Entire 40-Foot Shipping Container Of Hamburgers

The crime wave carrying off the world’s comfort food by the truckload is only continuing and escalating. From maple syrup in Québec and Maine to Nutella in Germany and soup in Florida, criminals are carrying off many of our tastiest and most comforting foods. Now, criminals in New Jersey have made off with an entire refrigerated shipping container of hamburger patties. Not the burgers! [More]