Restaurant Customer Tips Three Waitresses $5,000 Each

There’s one trend we have the distinct pleasure in seeing spread, and that is when customers settle big, fat tips on their servers just because. Because it’s fun to surprise people with an unexpected hefty tip, because some people have money to spread around — whatever the case, it’s fun. And it’s even more fun for three waitresses who received $5,000 tips over the weekend.

Three servers at an Illinois restaurant were shocked when a woman handed them each a check for $5,000, insisting the waitresses accept the money, reports the Rockford Register Star.

During what was otherwise a slow morning at the restaurant, the three waitresses had apparently been folding silverware up in napkins and chatting, like coworkers do, about things like bills and student loans.

One of the waitresses thought maybe the customer was watching them but didn’t think much more about it. She had one semester left to earn an associate degree in criminal justice, because she wanted to become a police officer, but it had become too expensive for her.

Perhaps $5,000 will help?

“I want you girls to take these to help with school and everything else in life,” the woman said when they tried to object.

This isn’t a common occurrence at the family-owned restaurant, explains the operator, whose father and uncle founded the place in 1982.

“I’ve never seen anything like this in 30-something years here,” he said. “I’ve heard of it in other places, but not in this town or this area.”

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Tip of a lifetime: Three lucky waitresses get $5,000 checks [Rockford Register Star]

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