Solo Diner Leaves Restaurant Staff $835 Tip For Working On Thanksgiving

While it’s tough to go to work on holidays like Thanksgiving, it can also be a bummer if you don’t have family to celebrate with on the day. One Florida woman was facing a solo turkey day and didn’t feel like cooking just for herself so she decided to go out to eat at a restaurant alone. She left hours later with more than just a full stomach.

Yes, warm, glowy feelings ensued, reports She says the staffers made her feel welcome and happy on a day when everyone gathers together to give thanks.

“I just needed my spirits lifted and everyone at the [restaurant] did it,” she said. “It was hard for me to leave. They made me feel like a member of the family. They’re always great toward me. I just felt like I owed them a lot of gratitude for making my day.”

To show that gratitude for her $29.95 meal, the woman decided to leave a hefty tip — $835.

At first the bartender who flipped over the check thought there was a decimal in the wrong spot — $8.35 seemed more appropriate. But on a cocktail napkin nearby a note revealed the truth: The money was to be split up into $50 for each of two bartenders on the shift, with the rest spread around to the restaurant’s 50 or so employees on duty that day, with each receiving $15.

“I’ve had outrageous tips, I have had gifts as tips,” said the bartender. “But never the entire restaurant. That’s what blew me away. … People were just dumbfounded.”

“I didn’t do it to get praise,” said the woman, who is a regular at the restaurant but didn’t want to be identified. “I did it because I am grateful for what I have. I’m very blessed and grateful that they spent their time away from their own families to serve us customers. That’s the least I could do.”

She adds that ever since she retired around eight years ago, she’s enjoyed becoming friends with some of the staff at the restaurant.

“I love them dearly, and thank them for always taking such wonderful care of me,” she said.

Patron leaves $835 Thanksgiving tip for Chart House staff []

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