20 Years Later, Taco Bell Revives Bacon-Centric Menu… In The Philippines

bacontacoThe Taco Bell “First Meal” breakfast menu here in the United States is all right. It has donut holes filled with Cinnabon frosting, after all. Do you know what it doesn’t have at breakfast time? Bacon-filled tacos. To get those from a Taco Bell, you’re going to have to do some traveling. To the Philippines.

What are they serving up for bacon breakfast? That bacon soft taco (no tomatoes that we can see, though.) A bacon and cheese quesadilla. A bacon, cheese, and rice burrito. There’s also a bacon and cheese Roll Up, and bacon and cheese Fiesta Potatoes.

They’re just regular menu items that either have bacon added, or the bacon replaces the ground beef. It’s like the Cheesy Bacon Fest that KFC Philippines had not long ago, except we don’t see the word “baconized” anywhere in this ad. That should become a real word.

What’s going on here? We couldn’t find any news about a precipitous drop in pork prices in the Philippines or anywhere in Asia. The only possible answer is that a severe outbreak of deliciousness is now affecting American fast-food chains operating there.

Things could have been different for American fast food. Back in 1995, Taco Bell tried to give us the “Sizzlin’ Bacon Menu,” featuring a BLT taco. That menu went away, leaving the chain’s customer base to suffer…until now. Unfortunately, they’re only relieving that suffering in one country.

Sometimes experimental and limited-time items show up at fast food chains’ international outposts before they hit the larger supply chain in the United States. Maybe that’s what will happen with the Bacon Breakfast. They’re a few years late to the all-out bacon craze, but we suspect that no one will really mind.

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