Time Warner Cable Techs Should Know They Will Be Photographed If They Fall Asleep On Job

(Reddit user DrinkingWhiteRussian)

(Photo: Reddit user DrinkingWhiteRussian)

Being a cable installer can be an exhausting job, with a day that is often overflowing with appointments you probably can’t make it to on time, figured out by some far-away computer that doesn’t care if you’re tired. Not to mention the fact that you’ll probably be put on hold for just as long as the customers who try to call in. With all that said, you still need to realize that if you’re going to fall asleep on a customer’s couch, your photo will probably end up on the Internet.

Earlier today, a Reddit user posted the above photo of what he claims is a TWC tech snoozing on the job.

According to the customer, the catnap occurred while the tech was on hold for about 20 to 30 minutes waiting to set up the modem:

The technician arrived around 12:30pm to replace our modem. I showed him where the existing one was and he got to work. I went back to my office to continue working, he replaced the modem and made a call to activate/register the modem… I could hear the hold music from his call because he had it on speaker and eventually after about 15 minutes of listening to it from the other room, I walked out to find him like that.

Before doing anything, I grabbed my phone and snapped the pic, and then said “Excuse me?”. He startled a little bit, pointed to his phone and said “Sorry man, still on hold.” So I went back and kept working, and 5-10 minutes later someone picked up and he registered the modem. My internet was working and he went on his way.

While the power-nap was over, the customer’s hellish TWC experience was not.

“About 10 minutes later, I turned on the TV in my room to see the ‘This cable box is not authorized’ message,” he writes. “I called Time Warner, eventually got a representative, who sent a signal to my box and got it working again.”

Then only two minutes after that, his Internet crapped out.

“I restarted the modem, and when I connected, it brought me to a ‘Automated Provisioning’ website, telling me that I had to register the MAC address of the modem,” writes the customer, who then called TWC… again. The rep took his info and promised a call back within 30 minutes. That did not come.

He called again, got a tech support rep who told him to do a hard reset on the modem. No luck. Try again. Double no luck.

“He then told me he had to transfer me to the local Time Warner to complete the registration,” recalls the customer. “He transferred me, but of course it wasn’t to the local Time Warner, it was back to the national Time Warner. However, the guy that I got this time saw that they had never deactivated the original modem that was replaced. So he did that, and then re-registered the new modem, and voila, internet!”

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