DirecTV Apparently Thinks This Is An Acceptable Installation

There are sloppy cable installation jobs and there are sloppy cable installation jobs, but the job done by this DirecTV installer represents a new level of laziness, made worse by the company’s attempts to shrug it off.

Over on Reddit, a user answered the question of “What Company Has Forever Lost Your Business?” with this single photo of what is allegedly the work of a DirecTV installer.

The photo is a bit dark, but you can clearly see the coaxial cable snaking through the customer’s hallway and the popping out of a hole in his wall.

The now-former DirecTV customer says he was told before the installation that the tech could use setup for cable in his house. Unfortunately he wasn’t there when the installation took place and his fiance signed off on it in his absence.

“It took me almost 3 months to cancel the service and get my money back,” he writes. “Plus another 2 months to get them to repair the walls… Oh! and the supervisor that came out said that this is considered a good installation in some places.”

He says he was eventually able to cancel the DirecTV service without handing over $860 in fees, but only after he contacted the office of the president at the satellite provider.

“I spent probably 25-30 hours on the phone,” he recalls. “By the time I finally got a rep that actually worked for DirecTVm I had a concise speech that quickly (and calmly) explained exactly what the problem was and my requested solution. It all came down to their own 24 hour cancellation policy. Once the competent employee saw that I had called back within 24 hours the whole issue went away.”

In the end he was able to get a refund and get his wall repaired, though he did pay for the three months of service he had while waiting for someone at DirecTV to let him cancel without the fees.

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