Easter Creep Spreads To CVS, Looks Delicious

Since shortly after Christmas Day, we’ve been tracking the spread of Easter Creep across the country. That’s when chocolate eggs and plastic bunnies hit store shelves before all of the unsold Christmas decorations are off the clearance shelf.


Normally, Kroger does some very innovative things in the Easter Creep field. In 2011, they even dragged out the chocolate eggs during the first week of December. You know, for your Easter stocking. Reader Gail sent us the above photo from her local CVS, though, and I spotted a similar display right at the front door of my CVS.

As much as we decry holiday merchandise being available on store shelves earlier and earlier here at Consumerist, we’ve never really had a problem with Easter Creep. This is probably because we like Cadbury’s Creme Eggs and candy-shelled chocolate eggs. It’s a sickness.

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