Breakfast Shrink Ray: Chobani Yogurt, Special K Shave Off Weight

When food companies need to work on their profit margin but don’t want to raise prices, they deploy the Grocery Shrink Ray. The Shrink Ray lets them charge the same amount for fractionally less food. Today, we have most of a Shrink Rayed breakfast: it’s been deployed on Kellogg’s Special K Protein cereal and Chobani yogurt cups.

Mark sent in these cereal boxes., which show an entire ounce removed from Special K Protein after a box redesign. Redesigns often provide handy cover for Shrink Rayage.



Sarra sent this photo of Chobani’s yogurt cups. It always was remarkable that Chobani offered a full six ounces: i suppose it was too wonderful to last.



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  1. craftman1 says:

    I think it’s a little disingenuous to single out a desire for increased profits on the grocery shrink ray. The cost of inputs – especially for commodities like corn, wheat, and soy that go into a lot of foods – can vary wildly. Most manufacturers have simply revealed their preference for reducing unit size rather than increasing unit price as a way to keep things stable.

    Besides we’ve all seen the “Now 20% more FREE!” signs on boxes, why not make a grocery enlargement ray post?

  2. Terryc says:

    The main difference is when you get 20% free. It’s in big bold writing. When the shrink ray comes to town you often can’t tell unless you dig your glasses out and know what the weight of that product was last week. So you don’t know until you see the box doesn’t last as long or there are not as many servings. The shrinking is not the problem. The problem lies in the fact that it feels that they try to sneek it by the consumer.