Legally Blind Man And Service Dog Kicked Off Plane Before Takeoff

guide_dogIt’s bad enough being stuck on an indefinitely-delayed plane when you’re a human who can play with an iPad or enjoy a book or something, but imagine being in that situation as a dog. Even the best-trained service dog must get tired of being crammed under a seat. When one guide dog became restless while a US Airways Express flight waited to take off, he and his owner were kicked off the flight.

From there, it became a battle of wills between the passenger and a flight attendant. While the dog insisted on curling up behind its owner’s legs, the flight attendant insisted that the dog needed to stay under the seat in front.

According to the airline’s safety rules, that’s where service dogs have to go. Other passengers sided with the blind passenger, though, and eventually the captain did turn the plane around and kick many passengers off due to the “unrest.” The airline describes the passenger’s behavior as “belligerent,” but fellow passengers disagree.

The original flight was eventually canceled. Some passengers, including the man with the service dog, took a 3.5-hour bus trip instead of flying. Others took a different flight.

“[The other passengers] could have stayed on the plane, but they chose not to. I’m so humbled,” the dog’s owner told WPVI news.

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