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Blind Woman “Humiliated” After American Airlines Removes Her & Guide Dog From Flight

A blind woman who says she’s never had an issue flying with her guide dog in 30 years claims she was “humiliated and traumatized” after American Airlines kicked her and her guide dog off a flight recently. [More]

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Man With Guide Dog Kicked Out Of Popeyes, Told ‘No Pets Allowed’

Guide dogs and other service dogs are not pets, and federal law protects their right to go anywhere that their owners are allowed to be. Yet the owner of a Popeyes restaurant in Brooklyn wasn’t clear on that concept, and used the “no pets” policy to kick a blind man and aspiring chicken-orderer out of the establishment. [More]


Uber, Blind Passengers Reach Settlement In Lawsuit Over Service Animals

More than a year after the National Federation of the Blind of California filed a lawsuit accusing Uber drivers of discriminating against passengers waiting for rides with service animals, the two sides announced they’ve reached a settlement. [More]

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Legally Blind Man And Service Dog Kicked Off Plane Before Takeoff

It’s bad enough being stuck on an indefinitely-delayed plane when you’re a human who can play with an iPad or enjoy a book or something, but imagine being in that situation as a dog. Even the best-trained service dog must get tired of being crammed under a seat. When one guide dog became restless while a US Airways Express flight waited to take off, he and his owner were kicked off the flight. [More]

Sorry, Your Seeing-Eye Dog Has To Ride In The Trunk

Sorry, Your Seeing-Eye Dog Has To Ride In The Trunk

Legally, service animals are allowed in any place that their humans are: stores, restaurants, buses, and, yes, taxis. Yet a Colorado taxi driver has been suspended from work and fined by the state after refusing to let a blind woman bring her dog inside his taxi, claiming allergies. He demanded that the dog ride in the trunk. The woman, late for an appointment, acquiesced… then complained, taking her story to the media to publicize service animals’ rights. [More]

Dunkin' Donuts Staffers Tells Blind Customer Her Guide Dog
Isn't Welcome

Dunkin' Donuts Staffers Tells Blind Customer Her Guide Dog Isn't Welcome

A legally blind woman in Massachusetts claims that she was recently told twice in the same day that her guide dog was not allowed in her local Dunkin’ Donuts. [More]