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Legally Blind Man And Service Dog Kicked Off Plane Before Takeoff

It’s bad enough being stuck on an indefinitely-delayed plane when you’re a human who can play with an iPad or enjoy a book or something, but imagine being in that situation as a dog. Even the best-trained service dog must get tired of being crammed under a seat. When one guide dog became restless while a US Airways Express flight waited to take off, he and his owner were kicked off the flight. [More]

Your Dog May Not Be Welcome On Summer Flights

Your Dog May Not Be Welcome On Summer Flights

You might have read that you can take your pet on a Continental Airlines flight, but that’s no guarantee that your buddy will actually be allowed on the plane. That can depend on weather, but mostly depends on how full the flight is. You’re shelling out extra money to travel with a creature you consider a family member, but to the airline, your pet is furry cargo that can be left behind. If you stubbornly insist on traveling together, you’re stuck with the flight change fees. That’s what happened to Steve when he tried to fly with his dogs down to his new home in Ecuador. His advice: Don’t fly with pets during the summer. At all. [More]