UPS Driver Has Driven 7 Million Miles Without Ever Having An Accident (Knock On Wood)

unwreckedralphupsThe more you drive, the higher the odds are that you’ll eventually hit something or something will hit you. So one might reasonably expect that having 7 million miles of roadtime racked up would’ve resulted in at least a fender bender or heck, a speeding ticket. Not if you’re Ralph, the UPS driver without a single accident or ticket on his record in 40 years.

Now that you’re done gasping in astonishment, let’s learn more about Ralph, shall we? CBS Chicago got to know the big rig driver who’s traveled far enough to go from the earth to the moon more than 29 times and keeps a bunch of candy in his truck to hand out to whoever might want some.

“Sounds crazy to me,” he says, and it is pretty remarkable. He says it’s just his job to be a safe driver and make sure things get where they’re going.

“This time of year, probably loaded with Christmas presents for kids. You wanna get it there for them, y’know make the Christmas special too,” Ralph explains. “If I had to give one piece of advice to anybody, space. Leave yourself room around everybody else,” said Lendi. “And candy.”

Ralph holds the third safest driving record among all UPS drivers in the U.S. and has about 10 more years before he can beat the current number one driver, who’s gone 50 years without an incident.

Now if only every package UPS delivers could arrive at its destination unscathed, we’d really have something to be excited about.

UPS Driver Has Driven 7 Million Miles Without A Single Crash, Ticket [CBS Chicago]

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  1. JoeBlow says:

    Jeez, I hope this attention doesn’t jinx him or anything. I just hope he’s not “3 days from retirement” or some other cliche.

  2. PhillyDom says:

    Yeah, yeah, he’s a safe driver. But does he do his job – delivering packages – right? Since he works for UPS, I’m going to say “no.”

    • GoldHillDave says:

      That was gratuitous and uncalled for. I think UPS’s numbers are better than the USPS or FedEx, or at least that’s my experience as a consumer

      Also, this man drives a tractor-trailer (what UPS calls a “feeder”) so I don’t expect he actually delivers any packages himself, but rather transports them from one UPS facility to another. BTW I’m a retired UPS driver myself and I provided excellent service to my customers for 32 years, as did the large majority of my colleagues.

      • PhillyDom says:

        My experience as a customer with UPS is mostly negative. For example, I once had occasion to send a package UPS Next Day Air. They delivered it the next day all right – to me.

        At my previous residence, I had a driver who refused to knock on my door or ring the bell. Every time he had a package to deliver, he’d slap a “tried to deliver” note on my door and leave. (I’m disabled and homebound, so I’m always home.)

        Then you had the drivers who would leave the package but also refused to knock or ring the bell. My apartment door opened to the street, so they were basically leaving the package on the sidewalk for anyone to grab, unbeknownst to me.

        Then there’s the time I had to file an insurance claim due to a damaged package. UPS paid the claim, all right – to the recipient. (Fortunately, the recipient was honest and let me know about the payment. He could have pocketed it and I would have had no way to get it back from him.)

        As a result of these and other issues, I never ship anything UPS. I would avoid using UPS at all if I had a choice, but some merchants (e.g., Amazon) don’t give you a choice.