McDonalds Gets Mad When You Order Drive-thru Wearing Transformers Voice Distortion Helmet

While wearing an Optimus Prime voice distortion helmet, Gawker video master Richard Blakely and sidekick Sarah Meyers tried to order a spicy chicken chalupa through McDonald’s drive-thru.

Amused, Mickey D’s was not, as the manager refuses service and calls in the duo’s license plate number.

Apparently, it’s only okay for the McJobbers to conduct transactions in a hard-to-understand, robotic, voice.

Optimus Prime is Refused Service at McDonalds, Shows Mercy to Feeble Humans [Gizmodo]


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  1. Thassodar says:

    Simply amazing. Now if only they could do the same thing wearing a Teletubbies costume.

  2. faust1200 says:

    Go thru with a ski mask and it’s even funnier.

  3. jamesdenver says:

    Sure the McDonalds manager overreacted. I would have simply said “Get Lost”.

    But why hassle them in the first place? The girl clearly said she couldn’t understand her. It’s kind of pathetic to be screwing with a McDonalds crew simply going about their day.

  4. Thrust says:

    Man, that be some RACIST Shit! Ma homie cannot get a Chalupa because she ain’t no fleshy earth creature? Oh you don’t think it’s bad now, but where does it end? Today they don’t serve Autobots, tomorrow they won’t serve Cylons. Big fat McRacist better give her that boy toy in her happy meal!

  5. Grrrrrrr, now with two buns made of bacon. says:

    “Car 15, respond to McDonald’s for a report of subjects attempting to order cheeseburgers while speaking in an unintelligible voice.” Yeah, I’ll bet the police rushed right over for that one.

  6. uricmu says:

    Who the hell orders Chalupa’s at McDonald’s anyway?
    I’d rather eat raw energy cubes.

  7. joemono says:

    I don’t know. I can’t explain it, but for some reason I don’t think this belongs on consumerist. Oh also, it wasn’t funny.

  8. EtherealStrife says:

    She’s a blonde in disguise.

  9. SexCpotatoes says:

    Did her boyfriend give her that pearl necklace?

  10. doctor_cos wants you to remain calm says:

    McDonalds managers have no sense of humor, and cannot discern sarcasm from rude comments. “Get out of my drive-thru”?? Get out of my biosphere!

  11. boandmichele says:

    as a dispatcher here’s what would happen:

    me: car 92, suspicious vehicle bolo

    car 92: nashville highway, go ahead

    me: its going to be at the mcdonalds on main street, subject ordering food in a transformers mask. complainant thinks they look ….”suspicious” (intentional voice inflection)

    car 92: 10-4 enroute

    ***10 minutes pass***

    car 92: car 92, no contact with that subject, show me clear.


    now, what really happened is: that officer sat in his car and finished eating his mcdonalds he got from the other side of town, and when he was done, acted like he went to the other mcdonalds and didnt see the horrible law-breaking food-ordering criminals. because he knows, and i know, (and giant manager man should know), that is a stupid reason to call the police. /rant

  12. fredmertz says:

    It would have been funny if he refused to serve them because she was wearing the helmet. But, the reason he wouldn’t serve them is that McDonald’s does not sell spicy chicken chalupas. They actually were being jerks. What should the manager have done? Run to a Taco Bell?

  13. bobhope2112 says:

    The incident appears to be karmic retribution for the dozens of times we’ve all been treated with disdain for being unable to understand the tinny, metallic voice coming through the worst communication device ever invented by man–the drive-thru speaker. Optimus Prime was being a jerk, but it’s unfortunate the McManager felt compelled to out-do her.

    In a tangentially related article, McJerks in the midwest:

  14. olegna says:

    I agree with Fredmertz: jerks. Not just for ordering something that’s not on the menu in order to exacerbate the guy’s confusion, but for being entitled assholes poking fun at a blue collar guy just doing his job under the bullshit auspice of making an anti-corporate stand (while at the same time shilling the hype for a forgettable corporate Hollywood film).

  15. coconino says:

    this reminds me of Jackass. Since when consumerist decided to use stupidity to feel smarter? shame on u…

  16. Keeko_ca says:

    McDonald’s employees know their job sucks. They don’t need jerks like this to remind them. I actually feel sorry for drive thru clerks. I’m totally for him calling in the plates. They don’t need to put up with this sh*t.

    Thanks a lot Jackass and your band of imitators.

  17. doodbugboodles says:

    As someone who has worked in customer service (but never at McDs, thank God) I would have found this hilarious.

    I love how the manager tells them to stay and then tells the police that they won’t leave.

  18. ceejceej says:

    So this is what those “We Have the Right To Refuse Service” signs are for!

  19. dragonpup says:

    Becausing being a dick to near(if not) minimum wage employees is cool.

  20. Kishi says:

    That just reminds me of the kind of thing that people do when they’re 16, bored, and one of their friends just got a driver’s license. Like many things 16 year-olds do, it’s not that funny, though they’re convinced it is.

  21. SugarRob says:

    Gawker network synergy at its worst.

  22. boandmichele says:

    @Kishi: exactly. weren’t we all kids at some time?

  23. Kishi says:

    @boandmichele: Yeah. But thanks to the wonderous advances of time, we’re no longer kids, and can drop the things that primarily interested us solely because we were kids. Maybe if there was some point to what they were doing, okay. But the idea of “let’s put on a helmet, go to the drive-through, order something they don’t have, and then laugh ’cause they can’t understand me- oh, and tape it!” doesn’t have any underlying humor to it for me. It’s more like they’re just hassling McDonalds employees and thinking that makes them cool.

  24. Moosehawk says:

    I couldn’t find a parking spot at the end of a Mcdonalds parking lot so I drove in reverse through the entire lot to save some time instead of getting back on the road and pulling back in.

    They called the cops on me. I was going to order food from them.

  25. bbbici says:

    Do police actually have time to respond to crap like this? Here in Edmonton, the police don’t even bother to respond to homicides IN PROGRESS.

  26. LatherRinseRepeat says:

    Wow. Extremely slow news day.

  27. DTWD says:

    Holy crap, that helmet costs forty dollars.

  28. Thrust says:

    @bbbici: But they’re always thwarting theft at the Tim Hortons…

  29. quagmire0 says:

    All I know is Roddimus Prime would NEVER have tried to pull this shit.

  30. Peeved Guy says:

    Way to stick it to the man! Y’all showed them!

  31. Bay State Darren says:

    For the record: the movie was horrible. [Let the flamewar begin!]

  32. Goatweed says:

    that’s awesome, I can’t stop chuckling – who was he calling the license plate into, McD’s Corporate???

  33. rich815 says:

    Sure he may have overeacted but if I was the mgr at a McDonald’s in the Mission I would have been a heck of a lot more worried than he looked. Could have been a prank, could have been a hold-up. Pretty immature overall.

  34. avantartist says:

    they dont like you driving backwards through the drive-thru either.

  35. badhatharry says:

    Seriously, did this girl not have a “Magic: The Gathering” tournament to go to instead?

  36. B says:

    Also, McDonald’s won’t let you order from the drive-thru if you don’t have a car. And simply making car noises won’t fool them.

  37. Godz says:

    i had a cop incident in McDonalds once.

    My friend was singing to the music and our other friend was ordering at the drive-thru. My friend asked if she could give her friend the food.

    They let her and the people up front were laughing and having a good time.

    When we were trying to leave a cop cuts us off and tells us our eyes look “glazed over” Give me a break… None of us have ever done drugs in our lives! Never went back to McDonalds!

    I guess a Manager in the back called the cops. Oh any my friend was singing too.

  38. kryllen says:

    There may very well HAVE been a Spicy Chicken Chalupa on the menu. McDonald’s does offer regional menu items. Not saying there WAS a Spicy Chicken Chalupa… just saying there MAY have been one on the menu.

  39. shimsham says:

    That was not funny. That was stupid.

    Also, the manager was right to call the cops after they refused to leave after he asked them to. They then became trespassers and were interfering with his business.

    I must be getting old.

  40. GameVoid says:

    I like consumerist when a company over (or under) reacts to normal everyday situations, not when some prankster decides to get some jollies.

    We used to mess around with the peeps at the drive thru when I was a teenager also, but we never considered it worthy of making a film.

  41. EricaKane says:

    can anyone explain why my reasoned post was deleted? I said nothing wrong, just saying it was juvenile and they were asked to leave for safety reasons

  42. mammalpants says:

    optimus prime. pearl necklace. every boy’s dream.

  43. enm4r says:

    @B: Also, McDonald’s won’t let you order from the drive-thru if you don’t have a car. And simply making car noises won’t fool them.

    Neither will Taco Bell, even if only the drive through is open. I should mention that having 5 people making car noises, in appropriate seat-like positions, does not work either.

    However, calling a taxi to simply take you through the drive through DOES work, and if you buy him some food, he wont charge you.

  44. J DTZR says:

    Yeah, way to make a bold stand against McDonald’s — by harrassing the poor slob who actually works there and has about as much to do with corporate policy as Mayor McCheese does. And ordering stuff that’s not on the menu? Man, that never gets old — until you turn 17, that is.

    If I worked at a fast food restaurant, I know I’d love nothing more than to be hassled by a pair of priveleged douchebag assholes with a video camera who have never had to work a real job in their sheltered little lives.

    Do you guys beat up homeless people on weekends?

  45. ancientsociety says:

    Not funny, just stupid.

    Doesn’t this chick have better thing to do with her time? Like attending DragonCon or something?

  46. Henrythoreau says:

    Don’t mess with the minimum-wage workers to make your point.

    If you feel you need to use the helmet, go to the headquarters and meet with the execs who refuse to find a better ordering technology.


  47. pestie says:

    I had a friend in high school who ordered at a Wendy’s drive-up using a megaphone. Ahh, good times!

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  49. a_m_m_b says:

    what a bunch of unfunny losers. asshats like that are why so many ff joints add “special” ingredients & gave up on service ages ago.

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    My blog: []

  51. Smashville says:

    It’s illegal in a lot of places to wear a mask into a place of business for the ski mask reason mentioned above…I know in Nashville, they always issue reminders around Halloween every year not to go into a store with a mask on.