Bear Settles In For A Nap On Home’s Lawn After Gorging On 20 Pounds Of Dog Food He Stole From A Garage

NOT the bear in question. That we know of. (David Crombie Photography)

NOT the bear in question. That we know of. (David Crombie Photography)

We’ve all had that feeling before: You’ve just chowed down on an epic meal, and your belly is painfully full. There’s nothing better when your stomach is groaning than passing out for a good, long nap, right? One homeowner in Florida was nonetheless shocked to see a black bear doing just that on her lawn, after the animal stole a 20-pound bag of dog food from the garage and tucked in for a big meal.

One of the woman’s neighbors tells he’s used to having folks call him for help catching annoying animals, but Saturday’s plea for assistance went beyond the usual pesky critters: she said there was a big bear in her backyard.

As soon as he caught sight of a huge black bear asleep on the lawn, he knew he wouldn’t be disturbing the big guy from his slumber.

“That’s a big bear. That’s a huge bear,” he said.

Upon closer inspection, he saw a 20-pound bag of dog food that the bear had stolen from a garage nearby and dragged to the shade of a tree. He watched as the bear tossed and turned for a bit, not unlike humans trying to snooze on a full belly. Watched, and snapped photos of course.

“[It] repositioned three or four times and stretched out. It just laid there,” he said.

Though it’s unclear if the bear was able to get a good nap in after eating so much, or how long he stayed, another neighbor snagged the leftover dog food and locked it up to keep the animal coming back for more.

Black bear falls asleep on lawn after eating 20 pounds of dog food []

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