Bear Is In The Mood For German Food, Walks Off With Restaurant’s Dumpster

bear_dumpsterThe German restaurant Edelweiss in Colorado Springs, Colorado isn’t a takeout place, but don’t tell that to the bear who decided that their dumpster made a suitable takeout container. A surveillance camera caught the critter pushing the trash receptacle out of frame. Being a bear, this was about as easy for her as it would be for a human to push around a fully loaded shopping cart.

The restaurant didn’t clarify how far the bear made it with the trash-filled prize before giving up or before any humans noticed. It’s clear that the bear could have taken the dumpster quite far had it wanted to. It’s like the ultimate pic-a-nic basket.

Maybe the bear knew about the camera and just didn’t want video evidence that it had gobbled so much ill-gotten deilciousness.

We can’t embed the video, unfortunately, but you can watch it on Facebook or at Denver’s 7 News.

Bear takes entire Dumpster from Colorado Springs restaurant [7News]

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