Pumpkin Mania Goes Boozy With Pumpkin Spice Whiskey

punkinSure, beer fans love pumpkin ales, no matter how early in the season they appear. What about other pumpkin-flavored boozes, though? One company in Rhode Island has made a pumpkin spice whiskey that hits shelves this fall, perfect for adding to a homemade latte or sipping while you burn piles of leaves.

Unlike pumpkin spice M&Ms, also new this fall, the whiskey contains large amounts of actual pumpkins and spices. The company claims that 2,500 pounds of “fire-roasted” pumpkins went into this first batch, as well as all of the spices you expect to see in your pumpkin fall treats: “clove, allspice, vanilla, cinnamon and sweet orange.”

This sounds great: let’s have some! Oh, dear: the product is only available in New England. There are plenty of pumpkin-infused vodkas and other spirits available, though: check your local stores or maybe even your cabinet, and make your own pumpkin-spice martinis. Over in the Midwest, Great Lakes Distillery made their own version that started its life as a pumpkin lager from a local brewery.

At this rate, are there going to be any pumpkins left for our children to carve in October?

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