Redundant Currency Symbol Menace Spreads To Canada

five_bucksWe’re sorry, Canada. We share a dominant language and many aspects of our culture, but we didn’t mean to export the horror of redundant currency symbols. That’s the grammar abomination where someone uses both the symbol and word for a currency in the same sentence: for example, “$15 dollars.” After our rant on the subject earlier this week, reader Daniel pointed out its appearance in a current Pizza Hut promo in Canada.

Granted, Canada is more likely than most countries to serve venison pizza to patrons, but that probably isn’t what “$5 bucks” means here.

We called the media team for Pizza Hut and asked them to explain themselves. If they send an answer after they figure out what we’re ranting about, we’ll let you know.

Pizza Hut Canada [Canuckistan]

Please, Please Stop Using Currency Symbols And Words Together

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