Just What We Needed: Pumpkin Pie And Peppermint Chocolate-Flavored Pringles

Image courtesy of (Pringles)


Candy corn-flavored Oreos just weren’t enough horror for the snack-industrial complex this season. No, they had to go farther, push forward, and inflict new horrors on the noshing public. That horror: dessert Pringles. Specifically, holiday-themed flavors like pumpkin pie spice, white chocolate peppermint, and cinnamon and sugar. Well… the flavor of Pringles can be effectively described as “flavoring powder and salt,” so maybe these new offerings won’t be so bad. Maybe?

No, they’re pretty much as bad as they sound. Not wanting to inflict this horror on our professional taster colleagues down the hall at Consumer Reports, we’re going to defer the Huffington Post, which described the pumpkin pie spice flavor as much less horrible than anticipated, the cinnamon sugar flavor as surprisingly edible, and the white chocolate peppermint as pretty much what you’d expect: a “horrible abomination to humanity.”

Pringles To Debut Pumpkin Pie Spice, White Chocolate Peppermint And Cinnamon & Sugar Flavors [Huffington Post]

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