My Computer Has Been Trapped In Lenovo’s Anti-Repair Depot For 6 Weeks

Reader Chris now says that he should have known better than to buy a Lenovo computer. He wishes that he had realized this months ago. Life is about learning from your mistakes and all, but his computer has been stranded in Lenovo’s anti-repair depot for six weeks on “billable hold” and awaiting additional parts.

Running out of parts happens, but should it happen for a new computer? Chris is stuck in a committed three-year warranty relationship with Lenovo now. He writes:

After suffering through the same random cancellations that other Consumerist readers also experienced when trying to order my Lenovo laptop last year, I should’ve realized I was dealing with a company run by morons. But I went ahead anyways.

After just a few months of use, the connection between the screen and the base was starting to come apart and soon the screen would not stay up at all. So, having dearly purchased a 3-year warranty (with “at home” service they claimed!), I thought I would be able to get it fixed pretty quickly. I was told I had to mail it back and that it would take about a week.

It has now been six weeks. Checking the status of my case online has been quite the bureaucratic trip. My PC was initially placed on “billable hold” for a week. Then, there was a “parts shortage.” Then, there was another “parts shortage.” It has also “arrived” at the repair center five times and has been in the process of “being repaired” twice. I have no idea when it will end and nobody at Lenovo can tell me either.

That is, when I can actually speak to a person. There is no way to contact them with feedback on this case. No email address. No dedicated phone line. Every time I call on the phone I get thrown around to several other people who all tell me to check the status of my repair online.

I’m stuck in a relationship with these clowns for another two years. Worst decision ever to buy from a company that holds your laptop hostage and refuses to talk to you.

We wrote in to Lenovo to try to get Chris some help, but they haven’t answered us yet either. He misses his computer. Can’t they at least put it on the phone so it can let him know that it’s okay?

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